Club Dresscode


Fetish Dress code including but not limited to rubber, leather, corsetry, victoriana, PVC, full uniform including ceremonial military, school or religious, cosplay, plushies, pet play (kitten, puppy and pony), fancy lingerie or any risqué outfit that your imagination takes you.
No Effort, No Entry.

If you want to know if you will pass our dress code, look in the mirror and ask yourself this, “Could I walk into most bars in town and get served wearing this without looking seriously out of place?”. If no, you’ll probably pass! And as we have two dressing rooms in the club, you can even change at the venue.

The easy way of meeting this code if you don’t already have fetish in your wardrobe is to go to a store like Miss Fantasia and say you are going to Nimhneach. Their staff will guide you though what you need.

Dressing on a budget
Probably easier for the gals than the guys but doable for both. Women can definitely put together lingerie outfits from Penneys, a local chain store. School boy and girl outfits can be put together cheaply, as can some other character outfits.

For the record, Nimh organisers love DIY outfits. Hit your local DIY store or Pet store and see what you can put together. We’ve seen great home made bondage trousers with added chain. Rope clothing is possible. Clingfilm can be used to make a dress or tee-shirt. Door staff will always recognise effort.

Note: leather jeans and tee-shirt, plain combats, a regular suit, jeans of any colour or boxers are not enough to gain admission.

What if I’m not into fetish?
This is probably our most frequently asked question. We are a fetish club and as well as enjoying fetish ourselves,consider it a good gatekeeper. It means people have made an effort and we are not just admitting people who are genuinely interested. There are a few solutions;

  • Buy one outfit that passes the dress code and keep wearing it. A fetish outfit is a requirement for a lot of clubs abroad and you will get great mileage out of it.
  • Think about character based outfits- Headmaster/mistress, teacher, school boy or girl; nurse; Priest/Nun….lots of possibilities.
  • Attend a local munch. Vanilla dresscode required and expected.

I’m not sure if my outfit meets the dresscode?
Just drop us a line on our contact page and we will take it from there.