Club Rules

Presuming you are following the dress code, here are some hints to ensure that you enjoy the night.

Please note: This list of dos and don’ts is a guide for behaviour at Nimhneach, rather than a general guide to BDSM and/or fetish.

Nimhneach Commandments- a guide to etiquette and behaviour at Nimhneach

Nimhneach welcomes all
Male and female or other expressions of gender; gay, straight, bi and beyond: from over 18 to 80 plus. Safe, sane and consensual are our core values

Nimhneach crew are there to help
If you have any concerns or feel intimidated, talk to a badged crew member. Crew members can only intervene if they are aware.

Dungeon Monitors
DM’s are experienced players who keep an eye on play and help ensure nothing spoils your scene. They may offer instruction from time to time. Their word is final.

Dress to impress
No Full Frontal Nudity- it a licencing requirement.

Respect other people’s personal space and property
No means No every time.
Basic politeness goes a long way.
Keep a safe distance away from scenes you are watching unless invited. (Backswing’s a bitch)
Maintain a respectful silence around ‘scenes’.
Don’t touch other people’s toys or bodies without permission.
Disrespectful behaviour will lead to you being asked to leave.

No Sex
In plain English, no fucking, no oral, and no rimming If its starts to get hot and heavy, take it home.

No blood or water play
We the organisers are not prepared to fall out with the venue owners over carpets!

Only play to your own comfort levels
Be aware of general physical and emotional issues around play. There are lots of online resources and books out there. Take your time if you are a beginner. Nimhneach can be a heady atmosphere to those not used to it. Yes, really.

Respect each other’s Privacy.
No cameras, videos or audio equipment are allowed in Nimhneach without express written agreement of the organisers.
Members of the press must identify themselves to crew.