Club Dresscode

Dresscode Basics



  • Vinyl / PVC / rubber / latex
  • Leather / straps / chaps
  • Bondage wear
  • Steampunk
  • Armour / chain mail
  • Drag
  • Cosplay
  • Crossdressing
  • Full-on fetish-goth / fetish-punk / fetish-cyber / industrial
  • High formal
    • Victoriana, Venetian
    • Fancy tailcoats with accessories such as a top hat, cane, gloves, monocle.
    • Note! A simple tuxedo or business suit is a good start but is not enough in itself, it must be heavily accessorised.
  • Full military or fetish army uniform (not just cargo pants / combats!)
  • Fantasy or period fetish costume
  • Furry / sex kitten / pet play / horse / pony / puppy
  • Age play (nappies, dummies, baby grows, infantilism)
  • School or religious
    • (Headmaster, schoolgirl, school nurse, nun, priest, bishop etc.
  • Body paint
    • This must cover a large portion of body such as an entire torso.
  • Fancy lingerie
    • Not just stripping to your daytime knickers!
  • Uniforms
    • Acceptable: pilot, naval, nurse, maid, centurions, police, full medical, etc.
    • Not acceptable: ordinary work day uniforms like chef, postal, tradesman, delivery driver etc.
  • Fetish Burlesque (corsets, stockings, frilly knickers etc.)

Any other risqué costume your perverted little mind can dream up … but please, not ‘just underwear!’. Use your imagination and theme an outfit.

Preferred accessories:

  • Whips
  • Floggers
  • Rope (e.g. chest harnesses)
  • Crops
  • Handcuffs
  • Collars
  • Wrist restraints
  • Bondage
  • Belts
  • Killer footwear
  • School canes and rulers
  • Military wear
  • Masks
  • Hoods
  • Chest harnesses (leather etc.)
  • Gas masks
  • Cane
  • Top hat
  • Steampunk accessories
  • Goggles

Military wear can include boots, suspenders, shirts, dog tags, hats, helmets, goggles, gloves, vests, tool and gun harnesses, bullet belts and more.

Active uniforms are NOT allowed (e.g. you cannot wear a current Garda or Irish army uniform as this is illegal) and we do not permit Nazi regalia such as SS or swastikas on WW2 German army uniforms – these uniforms would need to have the regalia covered up.

Masks and any other accessories that hide the face are acceptable but you will need to make your face plainly visible to the door crew on arrival before placing your head piece on.



Check out our Pinterest page, which has loads of examples of the types of things you can wear, including ideas for dressing on a budget.

(Note: Pinterest might not open if you are behind a VPN).


  • Denim of ANY colour
    • Jeans, skirts, jackets, shirts, ANY denim, even black.
  • All black ‘street’ (non-fetish) clothes
    • Shirt + trousers.
  • Topless / nude
  • Plain cargo or camo / camouflage or combats pants or shorts.
    • You MUST pair these with a good top such as latex, PVC, rubber, rope, leather, possibly along with accessories.
  • Plain briefs / plain boxers.
  • Pyjamas / onesies.
  • Plain t-shirts
    • We don’t care how cool they are, of if they have Mr B or other kinky references on them, including skull / flame / bands.
  • Plain silk or dress shirts.
  • Business suits. No matter how smart.
  • Plain work clothes.
  • Cheesy non-kinky Halloween-type costumes.
  • Football gear.

Note that we do accept some sportswear such as wrestling singlets, bikinis and full horse riding gear (jodhpurs, boots, crop, etc.) but not football and soccer gear as the sports gear must be perceived as having a fetish element by the wider community.


And to those who suggest that they don’t need to make an effort as they think it’s enough that their partner is looking ‘fetish fabulous’ enough, we don’t agree. Everyone has to make the effort, no exceptions.

Going topless/nude is NOT an option. We are located in a licensed premise and so cannot permit nudity unless part of a show – this is the law. Many people do wear black tape on their nipples to get around this, if they want to show off a bit more flesh.

Denim – We will not enter into discussions on the night about whether your item of clothing that looks like jeans to our eyes are not in fact jeans but technically something else (e.g. chinos). If it even looks like denim to our guests, we will not permit it.

Cocktail, cabaret, vintage or rockabilly dresses are fab but aren’t enough – this is not a burlesque night. Fetish it up with accessories, make-up, top hats, visible stocking tops etc.

Goth, industrial and punk looks will not be permitted entry unless styled fetish!


Why does Nimhneach have a dress code?

This is a very frequently asked question and the reason we have a dress code is because we are a fetish club and want to create a fetish friendly, safe, dynamic and fun environment.

A dress code adds greatly to the atmosphere and it means people have had to make an effort to gain entry which acts as a highly important safeguard. Our guests are genuinely interested in fetish and not just popping in casually for a ‘look’. Remember, we have a city centre location making it easy for onlookers to drop in for a stare, so we do not accept ‘all black’ street wear (non-fetish clothes like shirt and trousers or a black dress). Note that all-black fetish wear such as rubber, latex, PVC, lingerie, costumes etc. ARE acceptable. We also do NOT accept business suits. We have the same reasons for dress code as many clubs abroad, many of whom have an even stricter dress code.

But what if I’m not into fetish wear?

We consider that a fair question as many genuine people do not dress up for play (particularly dominant men). However, we must still insist on ‘effort’ for the reasons above but try to help with our guidelines below.

We suggest you don’t consider ‘making an effort’ as a chore. Think of it as the possibility of getting outside of your normal way of life and how you can add to the visual spectacle of the club too – be a part of it, not an onlooker.

Dressing up doesn’t mean you must play – it just means you’re willing to be playful and fun and makes it easier for strangers to say: ‘Hi, I love your outfit!’ so you’ll benefit too. And we’ve seen people ‘not that into fetish’ develop strong interests in things like steam punk or get some very nice headwear or boots and love them.

So, if you’re not into fetish wear, then we suggest you get 1 outfit you’re both happy to wear and which passes the dress code and keep wearing it to each event you attend.
Alternatively attend a local munch instead of Nimhneach as there is a strict vanilla (non-fetish) dress code required and expected at these events, albeit no play.

Don’t make us turn you away at the door!
Read our guidelines below and if in doubt, contact us.

No Effort, No Entry – but what does Effort mean?

If you want to know if you will pass our dress code, look in the mirror and ask yourself this: “Could I walk into most bars in town and get served wearing this without looking seriously out of place?”. If you genuinely think ‘No’, you’ll probably pass our dress code!

If what you are wearing wouldn’t draw a second look on the street or in a normal mainstream bar, it’s probably not going to pass dress code because one of the most crucial reasons for our code is to prevent casual drop-ins who might spoil our atmosphere or create an unsafe or uncomfortable environment for our guests.

So how do I ‘make an effort’?

  • You can read our guidelines below.
  • You can do an internet search for fetish wear
  • You can browse photos on sites like Fetlife or Wasteland
  • You can read our Nimhneach group on Fetlife
  • You can attend munches and ask for ideas
  • You can use your imagination!

How can I tell if I have not ‘made an effort’?

“Stripping Down” is NOT acceptable fetish wear on its own as you have made no real effort and again this opens the door to those who may not be genuine guests.
Passing our dress code is about what you ARE wearing that is fetish, not about much you take off.
If you are not wearing anything fetish underneath your clothes, no amount of stripping down will get you past the dress code if all it leaves is plain boxers or underwear.

Where Can I Buy Such Club Wear?

Here are some of the stores where you can buy club wear in Dublin. If you know of any others, or goth stores, or places in other cities in Ireland from where to buy good gear, please email us at with your suggestion, thank you.

  1. Glamworld
    • Outfits, toys, accessories.
    • Location: 59 Mary St., Dublin 1.
    • Phone: 01 – 872 0479.
  2. Miss Fantasia
    • Find them on Instagram.
    • Location: 1st Floor, 25 South William Street, Dublin 2
    • Phone: 01 – 961 8904
    • Email:
    • Open: Mon-Sat: 10am – 7pm. Sunday & Bank Holidays: 1pm – 7pm
  3. Basic Instincts
    • Leather wear, toys, bondage gear, masks, floggers etc.
    • Location: 8 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.
    • Phone: 01 – 633 4400.
    • Email:
    • Open: Mon-Sat 10:30am-7pm, Sunday 11:30am-7pm.
    • Fun collars & cuffs, cosplay, wigs, pet play.
    • Location: Unit 102 (first floor), St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre.
    • Phone: 087 1138713 or 087 7149556
    • Email:
    • Open: 10am – 6pm Mon – Sat (8pm on Thu) and Sunday 12 – 6pm.
  5. Tights Dept.
    • Stockings, lingerie, bodystockings and more.
    • Location: 108 Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, Dublin 2.
    • Phone: 01 – 551 5982.
    • Email:
    • Open: 7 days a week.

Other Shopping Options

  • Hire or buy a costume such as sailor, pilot, sexy Snow White etc.
  • Look on eBay for PVC, uniforms, etc.
  • Shop online at specialist shops like Honour
  • Browse through charity shops and second-hand stores and ‘goth’ shops
  • Ann Summers often has theme outfits such as air steward or nurse.

2nd Hand Gear Sales
Keep an eye on Fetlife to see if anyone is selling gear.

There is a 2nd hand gear sale in Outhouse on Dublin’s Capel St.  which runs a couple of times a year. Here are the details for the one on April 22nd 2023. It’s a great place to pick up gear for a good price!

How can I dress myself on a budget?

For the record, Nimhneach organisers love DIY outfits! Door staff will always recognise effort.

  • Hit your local DIY store (chains, rope) or pet store (collars, leashes, pet accessories) and see what you can put together.
  • We’ve seen great homemade bondage trousers with added chain, material, slashed/ripped.
  • Rope clothing is possible by harnessing your chest etc.
  • Bondage tape, crime scene tape or Cling film can be used to make a dress, skirt or top.
  • One can put together lingerie outfits from Penney’s and discount stores such as leather-look skirts and tops, body stockings, basques, stockings, costumes (nurse etc.).
  • School boy and girl outfits can be put together cheaply, as can some other character outfits.
  • Body paint or Glitter can also be used to cheaply cover your body while wearing very little.
  • Stripping down and heavily accessorising with collar, cuffs, etc. and a PVC or leather pants/shorts or thong can also be cheap.

Can I change at the venue?


We have a dedicated changing area at Nimhneach and only our guests have access to this.
So you can come in wearing your non-fetish vanilla clothing with no-one the wiser as to what you have in your bag or under your street clothes.

Once you approach our door crew, you simply show them what you intend to wear, show your ticket and pop upstairs to the changing room which is also open at the end of the night for you to get back into your civilian clothes before leaving the club.

Note: once inside the club, we expect everyone to change almost immediately; please don’t wander around the club in street clothes.

Once you have changed, you are free to avail of our cloak room (again, exclusive to Nimhneach) where you can store your coat and bag(s) for a reasonable price and free you to go an enjoy your night. Don’t forget to collect them and all your belongings at the end of the night!

What if everyone is looking at me?

This is another question we get from new guests, particularly ones who may never have worn such a different type of outfit in a public venue. Things to remember here are:

  • It’s only natural to be nervous so expect this and take things slowly on your first night
  • We have a changing room, so you don’t need to come dolled up, just bring your gear in a bag
  • We get about 150 guests per night, all dressed up. It’s VERY hard to stand out!
  • Every area at our event is exclusive to Nimhneach guests
  • We have our own cloakroom, smoking area, bar, changing room, play & social areas so no ‘onlookers’ will see you at any stage
  • Everyone was new once and people are very friendly and welcoming to new people
  • We run a meet and greet 9-10pm immediately before each event which helps settle the nerves

I’ve read all the above but I still need help/support!

If you have read all the above and are still not sure if your outfit will make the cut, then you can contact us and we will do our best to help (but do PLEASE read the above and not just email us a ‘what can I wear?’ message as we will only send you back to this page!).

Remember though: the final call is that of the door crew on the night!

We endeavour to be fair but we are making on the spot decisions and it is about forming general impressions.

We are happy to suggest modifications that might make a borderline outfit work, and in general if you are willing to take on board our suggestions, we will work with you.