What does Nimhneach stand for?
Nimhneach means “poisonous”. Yes, it is a Gaelic word.
For our non-Gaelic speakers here an Anglicised pronunciation – “Niv-nock”.

What will I wear?
Fundamentally, anything that is easily recognised as fetish.
No full frontal nudity from anyone, and no nipples in the case of the women. This is not our rule, it’s the law in Ireland because this is a standard licensed venue and nudity can only legally be permitted during what can be classed as a Show (e.g. stage performance). Other than that, whatever your imagination could come up with.

Can I buy tickets in advance?
Yes. Check our Fetlife page or web site for details as they go on sale about two weeks before each event.

What if I meet my work colleague/neighbour/cousin there?
Well chances are that they are there for similar reasons to yourself. Because of the dresscode they will have made an effort to come though the door and won’t have wandered in by accident. Bet you will find those conversation at the water cooler will be more interesting from now on.

I am brand new to fetish/the scene. Can I come?
Everybody has to start somewhere. Take a look at the dresscode and see what grabs your interest. Consider going to the meet and greet beforehand as its a way of breaking the ice, and going in with a few friendly faces. Take a look at the Nimhneach code of behaviour ( link) so you know what is expected of you and others. If you need any help on the night, just ask one of the clearly identifiable crew (neon highlighted badge). Generally new people report that Nimhneach is a very friendly place, and that any fears they had about going were dispelled quickly. Some describe the experience as “coming home”.
One of the reasons Nimhneach was set up is that we saw too many people hiding a part of themselves, or meeting total strangers in private. We have really enjoyed creating a confident public space for people to express themselves freely( or within the limits of the licencing laws)

I would like to explore BDSM, but I dont want to dress up
Then Nimhneach is not for you. Have you considered a munch? (casual vanilla social gathering for kinksters).

I am in my 20s/ 30s/40s/50s/60s/70/80s. Will there be anybody else my age there?
Yes! We have people from all age groups attending Nimneach and you will not look out of place. Probably most people will be in their late 20s, 30s and 40s as fetish is something people can take a few years to discover. One of the great things about fetish is that it transcends age and friendships between the generations are common. We do require you to be over 18 though. Please bring ID if you look younger than 21, so that we don’t refuse you entry based on age.

What is to stop a member of the press walking though the door?
The dress code for starters. Some interested journalists have baulked at the dress code. We have had enquiries from the media and many stories have come, mostly from the perspective of the maturing of Irish society. We handle respectful enquiries respectfully out of a desire to educate and reach like minded people who do not yet know about Nimhneach. The organisers have provided commentary ourselves and occasionally have looked for some other willing voice. We have provided photos posed by paid models. We consider the running of a publicly advertised fetish club in a modern capital city a non-story ourselves, and endeavour to protect the privacy of our patrons. One rule that we have is no media recording equipment allowed at Nimhneach. This includes cameras and the like. However, occasionally we will have a suitably outfitted journalist present on the night working on a story. They have been briefed to preserve anonyminity, no recording equipment, and would also identify themselves as press. You have the opportunity to decline to speak to them. Check out the list of Newspaper articles about Nimhneach in the Irish press.

I’m a guy. Is all black acceptable?
No way. We aren’t asking for much in the way of dressing for the event. Accessorise greatly or else buy something suitable.

Dress code?
There is an enforced dress code at the door. If you’re not dressed appropriately, you won’t get in. Make the effort and there won’t be any problems. The dress code includes, but not limited to fetish, rubber, leather, vinyl, high formal, cyber, gothic, fetish drag, corsetry, lingerie and burlesque.

Is this a play party?
Well… OK… but… whatever you get up to is nothing to do with us 😉
The only thing is no sex on the premises, observe the ruling about nudity. Basically anything someone would get away with in a vanilla pub is fine (hence no watersports, bloodplay, or anything that will make the venue owners’ worried about their carpets).

There will be no media recording equipment allowed. Event helpers will have instructions to report any breach of this rule.

Is there an after party?
Folks would organise their own afterparties. Nimhneach is not involved.

Is this an underground sex club?
No. We’ve been to underground sex clubs, and this isn’t it.

Age restrictions?
This is an over-18’s only event. If you are lucky enough to look under 21 you will be asked for ID. Satisfying venue door-staff that you are over-18 will not automatically satisfy ours. Right of admission reserved.