Nimhneach DJs:

Our DJs are listed above and who plays varies each night. The two main DJs are RebelRed and DJ-Myzeit who play most nights and then on alternate months we have NeonKitty, Geography Pupil and Giulia Mav.  You can actually listen to DJ Mav on Mixcloud if you’d like to hear some of their set lists from Nimhneach.

General Style Played

  • 9:30 to 11: Ambient, New Wave, Trance.
  • 11 to 12:30: Industrial, Techno, Hard Core.
  • 12: to close: Dance, Rock.

While the night varies according to who is playing, the general progression is a slow, easing-into-club set, then a harder, faster set to get the play really going, and then finishing off with a more dance oriented set for people to boogie the last hour or two away.

About the Music at the Club

The guests who come to Nimhneach vary greatly in many ways, and that includes their musical likes. So, we play a wide variety of music throughout the night in the hopes that everyone will at least get a spell where they enjoy the music, as no one type will keep everyone happy all night.

We do try to keep it dark, with a strong beat for play, and increase the tempo as the night goes on as want to play music appropriate to the club. The aim is encouraging play and an atmosphere of being somewhere different to any old nightclub. That means we play electronic, trance, dance, rock, industrial, techno, new wave, and more.

We also try to keep the volume down early in the night to encourage socialising and enable players to hear each other a little better. It gets cranked up later in the night. In these ways, we try to please everyone at least some of the time, rather than some of the people all the time, but of course we still get complaints from people who want dance music jacked up in volume from the start of the night, and others who complain it’s too loud or they liked one DJ or one style but not another.

Nimhneach is not a dance club! We are happy to play music later in the night to which people might be more likely to dance but the goal is play and not dancing, so we will always lean to music that encourages that (if you want a dance club, there are plenty around the city).


We are always open to suggestions if anyone wants to email us.

Yours in music,

Rebel Red.