Hot Press

by Anne Sexton

12th July 2012
Hot Press pdf 2012
Its a scorcher of a Saturday afternoon when Fig and Sweet Cuddly Thing invite me into their home. The couple run Nimhneach, Dublin’s fetish night, but the first thing that strikes you about them is how – and I hate to say it – normal a couple they are.
Indeed, their dynamic is … read more

Irish Daily Mirror

by Maeve Quigley

12th July 2012
Irish Daily Mirror
Ireland is in the grip of a a bondage boom thanks to blockbuster novel Fifty Shades Of Grey, its been revealed.
Randy fans of the book are now flocking to sex shops and underground clubs to get into bondage and sado-masochism, organisers claim. A couple behind Dublin fetish night  Nimhneach said they are getting visitors from all over the country. Only known as Sweet Cuddly thing … read more

Mirror on Sunday

By Adelina Campos

21st October 2012
Irish Sunday Mirror October pdf 2012
As we walked through the fetish club entrance, we were hit with four shocking words. I’d been warned we would be refused entry if we didnt adhere to the dress code, but I didnt expect my friend to be told: “Now lose the skirt”.
While my pencil leather skirt passed the test, my friends … read more