New to the Club

– Nimhneach –
This is our club based in Dublin and run most months.

Current venue is The Wiley Fox, 28 Eden Quay, Dublin, Ireland

The basics you need to know are about Nimhneach are: dress code and behavioural guidelines when at the club. If you have any doubts about whether you will pass the dress code to gain entry to the club, please let us know and we can send tips. The main point about dress code is that there is no full frontal nudity allowed. This is a venue policy.

The standards of behaviour you should definitely familiarise yourself with before coming. Not touching people without consent or interfering in a “scene” (where people are involved in bdsm play) without being invited probably being the main points. This means no-one can interfere with your night without consequence, if the crew are made aware of it on the night. Nimhneach Crew are identified by crew badges.

– Nimhneach Meet and Greet –
There is a pre-meet where new people and a few regulars meet up before the event in a pub near the club. This is vanilla (non-fetish) clothing in a vanilla pub and helps those on their first visit to settle in, especially as it means going into Nimhneach with a crowd of new people and regulars, and not on your own. We would recommend you go along to this at 8:30pm on the night to help ease you in. Note that it is not compulsory – you can also just turn up at the door of the venue from 9:30pm on any night and just pay in.

Email us at for details and we will welcome you at the pre-meet.

You will, of course, still need to meet the dress code. When you go downstairs and our crew on the door will take a look at what you intend to wear. If it looks like it will meet the dress code, they will direct you to the changing area near to the entrance to put it on, unless you are already wearing your outfit for the night when you arrive in which case they will just make a call on the spot as to whether or not it is acceptable.

Can I dress at the venue?
Yes, you can. Please note that we do not currently have a dedicated dressing room. We reserve some of the play space at the beginning of the night but as the night builds up, this disappears. This reserved area is not particularly private so those folk who feel more reserved about dressing/undressing in front of other folk would be well advised to dress at home and source a long coat for coming to the venue.

Is there a cloakroom?
Yes. We recommend that you use it, but find a small bag/bum bag to retain your wallet, keys and phone. Fetish outfits are notoriously pocket free, something that many men might not be accustomed to. We also suggest that you do something to individualise your main bag, airport style, like a ribbon. There can be 40 large black bags and it can speed things up if you have something very obvious that you can point to.

Is there a smoking area?
Smoking is on the street in front of the venue. It might be useful to bring a long coat unless you are particularly exhibitionist. The clokaroom are open to you rechecking coats for going in and out to the smoking area.

I lost something- who do I contact?
If its a fetish or play item, the take down crew tend to put it away in our lost and found box. If you have lost such an item, pop up a thread on the Nimhneach page or PM one of the organisers and we can look in the box. If it is a more everyday item like a coat, umbrella, shoes etc we tend to leave them at the venue, so best to contact the venue directly.

– Fetlife –

We’ed suggest you join FetLife social network website.  In particular, check the following groups by searching and joining them.
“NIMHNEACH Dublins Fetish and BDSM nightclub”
“Fetlife Ireland”
“Irish Munch and Fetish Group”

These are where people from Ireland post messages and make contact with each other and you can add people as Friends also.

Munches –
Munches (whats a Munch?) run in monthly in Dublin, every second Saturday and third Tuesday of the month. To attend the munches, which are set in a vanilla (non-fetish) bar in the centre of town, email with a contact phone number and a name.

In Cork munches are run twice a month on the first Friday and third Tuesday of each month. Email the people at for details. Include a contact phone number and name.

Munches are also run monthly in Galway, details of which are on Fetlife group here: “Irish Munch and Fetish Group”